The Nauticam DSMC2 (Weapon) Housing: Everything You Need to Know

Written by Lee Burghard June 2017

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The Housing:  

The DSMC2 (Weapon) LT Housing is Nauticam's latest innovation for the underwater digital cinema market.  it features a lightweight and compact form factor, meaning the entire system, with the right configuration, can fit right into a carry-on size roller bag and be hand-carried with you on the plane for your next film project or dive trip. 

Add in the well thought out ergonomic control placements, and the fact that the entire system can be assembled in a matter of minutes, and you have an excellent tool for any underwater filmmaker or semi-pro enthusiast.   



Supported Cameras:

The Nauticam DSMC2 (Weapon) LT Housing supports the entire line of RED Digital Cinema DSMC2 cameras. These cameras can record in resolutions from 4.5K to 8K (camera dependent) in REDCODE-RAW format with a whole variety of frame rates available, giving the underwater filmmaker plenty of options and flexibility in the post production process.

Essential Camera Accessories Needed:

In addition to the camera brain, you'll need some essential add-on equipment to operate the RED DSMC2 camera within the Nauticam DSMC2 (Weapon) LT housing:

  • Control Access - RED DSMC2 Sidekick - this device bolts into the side of the DSMC2 camera and engages with the housing to allow for all of the essential camera controls to be operated.
  • Lens Mounts - The Nauticam housing is designed to support the use of Canon EF mount lenses so you'll need a DSMC Canon Mount. RS and PL lenses are also alternative options (see the "Supported Lenses" section below).
  • Power - While the housing can accommodate several different types of power solutions, the stackable V-mount batteries available from PagLink are our top recommended choice because of their size and ability to be stacked inside the housing for prolonged battery life.  Please see our Knowledge Base Article on the PagLink V-Mount Batteries for further info and tested run times.  If you have a particular battery you're interested in using, please contact us directly and we can confirm the compatibility within the Nauticam housing for you.


Supported Monitors:

The Nauticam DSMC 2 (Weapon) LT Housing supports a wide range of monitors:

Nauticam NA-502B Housing - this housing is designed for the SmallHD 502 Bright Series monitors and includes all of the essential parts you'll need for routing an SDI connection to your RED DSMC2 camera and Nauticam Housing - All you'll need to grab is the monitor (we suggest the kit as it include the batteries and chargers you'll need). You can have a look at our in-depth video review here:

Nauticam NA-RT7 Housing  & Nauticam NA-RT4.7 Housing- these housing are designed for the DSMC2 Red Touch 7" LCD & DSMC Red Touch 4.7 LCD's.


Nauticam DSMC2 RedTouch 4.7" Monitor Back - This is a replacement rear door for the Nauticam DSMC2 LT housing that connects to the DSMC2 RED Touch 4.7" LCD. This option offers an alternative to an externally mounted monitor and is a great solution for those who want a very streamlined and compact system. In addition to the monitor and housing, you'll need a Wooden Camera Red Male Pogo to Female Pogo LCD/EVF Cable for routing a video signal inside the housing from the camera to the monitor.

Supported Lenses:

Canon EF - The housing is designed to support the use of Canon EF mount lenses and uses a standard Nauticam N120 Port opening (same port mount as the Nauticam DSLR housing).  A wide variety of port and lens combinations are supported for just about any type of underwater filming scenario. You can have a look at the Nauticam Port Chart for a full list of compatible options.

Nikonos RS - Using the Nauticam RS Lens Adapter for the DSMC2 LT allows for the use of older Nikonos RS lenses onto the Nauticam DSMC2 LT housing with manual control over iris and focus. Please contact us for further details on this option.

PL Mount Lenses - Using the Nauticam N120 to N200 Port Adapter allows for the use of Zeiss Compact Prime and Ultra Prime PL mount lenses (more options are being tested) onto the Nauticam DSMC2 LT housing with manual control over Iris and Focus. Please contact us for further details on this option and have a look at our setup tutorial here for some further details:

Optional Accessories for the Nauticam DSMC2 (Weapon) LT Housing:

Nauticam Top Handle for LT housing - This top handle bolts onto the top of the housing and provides an easy grip position for handling the housing both in and out of the water.  A 10mm threaded hole is also included for mounting a Nauticam M10 Ball for an external monitor or additional accessories.

Nauticam LT Housing Skids - These provide a sturdy base support for the housing and feature M5 threaded holes for attaching additional Nauticam M5 Mounting Balls.

Tripod Legs - By using the M5 threaded holes on either the housing or the optional housing skids for attaching M5 Mounting Balls, standard double ball arms from a variety of manufacturers can be attached onto the housing using standard clamps for use as a tripod.  Our recommended double ball arms are the Inon Carbon Telescopic Arms (these come in short, medium, and long sizes)  w/ the XIT404 Twist Clamps because of their light weight, ability to be extended in/out, and ease of use underwater.  See our quick demonstrative video here: