PAGlink V-Mount Batteries

Written by Lee Burghard January 2017

With a variety of solutions available for powering the RED Raven, Scarlet W, Epic W, and Weapon cinema cameras in the Nauticam Weapon LT housing, what's the best option?

From the various battery solutions we've tested, the stackable V-mount batteries available from PAGlink are our recommended choice.  You can stack up to 2 of the PAGlink PL96E, PL96T, PL150E, or PL150T batteries into the Nauticam Weapon LT housing (w/ the standard back only), adding additional battery life time compared to other traditional V-mount batteries.



These were the average run-times using the RED Weapon camera while continuously recording at 8K resolution at 60 frames per second. The results were impressive, particularly when stacking the batteries:

  • PL96E/PL96T - 1hr 7 mins
  • 2x PL96E/PL96T (stacked) - 2hrs 4mins
  • PL150E/PL150T - 1hr 56 mins
  • 2x PL150E/PL150T (stacked) - 4hrs 3mins

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