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Hands on with Reef: SmallHD Ultra 5 & Nauticam NA-Ultra 5

SmallHD's Ultra 5 camera monitor is an ultra-bright 3000nit 10-bit HD display that supports both HDMI and SDI input as well as cross conversion (HDMI in/SDI out).  In addition to monitoring, the Ultra 5 also offers camera control for ARRI, RED and Sony cinema cameras.  Powered by their PageOS 5 operating system, the Ultra 5 features exposure tools such as the new EL Zone false-color overlay that uses sensor data to display parts of the image that are above or below 18% grey.  Focus assist, peaking and waveforms are also still available as with previous SmallHD monitors.

Nauticam has supported a variety of SmallHD monitors with underwater housings including support for both HDMI (1.4 and 2.0), SDI, cross-conversion even surface monitoring.  The NA-Ultra5 builds on this strong platform with the addition of supporting the camera control functions of the Ultra5 through the use of the dedicated control bundles below.

On todays ”Hands on” episode we will cover all of those features and demonstrate some of the benefits for shooting with this equipment underwater.

Nauticam NA-Ultra 5 Underwater Housing:


HDMI to SDI Cross Conversion and How to Route an SDI Signal to the Surface:


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