Hands on with Reef: Nauticam NA-Z8 & Nikon Z8

The Z8 is arguably the most hotly anticipated full-frame mirrorless camera from Nikon and the first to feature the '8' series badging.  Featuring a high-resolution 45.7MP sensor that will also capture 8K/60p N-RAW video while delivering incredible autofocus and dynamic range.  The Z8's 3690k-dot OLED EVF packs a fast refresh rate for blackout free shooting thanks to the camera's electronic shutter. The Nauticam NA-Z8 is the latest release in the world's finest line of underwater camera housings and builds on the field-proven housings for other Nikon 'Z-series' cameras . Nauticam is the market leader in ergonomics, build quality, and reliability that are built on a foundation of innovative product design and modern manufacturing technology. The NA-Z8 is the ultimate accessory for the powerful Nikon Z8.

This camera and housing combo is an absolute powerhouse for underwater imaging that's loaded with a whole variety of features to enhance any underwater shooters experience. This comprehensive video will cover all of those features and demonstrate some of the benefits for shooting with this equipment underwater.