Installing Nauticam Lens Gears

Zoom Gears and Focus Gears are usually comprised of a metal gear plus a precisely engineered grip ring.

The following example is for a lens which does not require removing the rubber gear ring from the lens.

Hold the plastic ring so that the ridge is toward the lens and the slot aligns with the lens lock.

With gentle pressure, expand the plastic ring so that you can slide the ring over the lens zoom ring. 

The opening of the plastic ring is positioned so that the lens lock is not covered. Position the plastic ring so that you can feel it settle into place.

The gear is toward the back lens and the hole in the metal gear will be placed over the lens lock.

Easily slide the gear halfway over the plastic ring.

Use slow, gentle, pressure to push the gear all the way onto the plastic ring.


A close-up view of the metal gear and plastic ring correctly placed onto the lens.

For additional information see the Nauticam Port Chart for Olympus Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Cameras which includes information on Zoom and Focus Gears.

Nauticam USA has prepared a short video tutorial on zoom and focus gears.