Reef Life by Denise & Larry Tackett

Reef Life by Denise & Larry Tackett



From the bizarre to the beautiful, coral reef animals are perfectly adapted to their environment. Join the Tacketts as they explore and explain the lives of fascinating reef animals they've encountered during almost two decades of observing and photographing underwater.

Reef Life is lavishly illustrated and the accompanying text is clear and concise.

Chapter List

Forward: Look Closer
Prologue: Reef Exploration
01. Reef Origins
02. Reef Dwellers
03. Near-Reef Habitats
04. Living Together
05. Feeding Time
06. Protection & Defense
07. Masquerade
08. Reproduction
Epilogue: Disappearing Reefs

224 pages, + 400 full color photographs, size 8 3/8" x 10 7/8"
Publisher: Microcosm Ltd., Charlotte, VT
ISBN 1-890087-56-4