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FAQ for the 2019 Reef Photo Lembeh Workshop

2019 Reef Photo Lembeh Workshop

October 04-14 2019

Lembeh is world renowned for its amazing density of wild and wonderful marine life – particularly on the macro end of the scale.

Where is it?

Lembeh is an island off of the east coast of Sulawesi, Indonesia. The diving is mainly concentrated in the waters between Sulawesi and Lembeh known as the Lembeh Strait.

Where are we staying?

The NAD Lembeh Resort is perched on a quiet section of the shore bordering the Lembeh Strait. Boat rides are generally a short run to most of the dive sites.

NAD is owned and operated by underwater photographers and the planning shows. The Camera room is huge and extremely well equiped for handling all the photo and video gear. All the staff are well experienced with handling cameras and housings on and off the boats.

What is the difference between the between the Beachfront Room and the Deluxe Seaview Bungalow?

The Beachfront Rooms are adjoining rooms right at the shore level and just a few steps from the beach and the docks. The rooms are simple and comfortable and excellent for anyone looking to avoid stairs.

The Seaview Bungalows are just that – elevated bungalows perched at the edge of the rainforest just above the Beachfront rooms. There are a few stairs to access them, but they are larger and crafted of local tropical woods and bamboo and enjoy a spectacular view.

What is the food like?

Food is quite plentiful and meals are usually a hearty mix of local Indonesian cuisine and a few Western Faves. Local veggies are often incorporated. Special diets can be accommodated if notice is given in advance.

What is the easiest way to get there?

We have scheduled the trip to run for 10 days timed to start with a Silk Air flight arrival into Manado (Sulawesi) from Singapore. This is by far the best connection and most forgiving of luggage allowance. The final day is also timed to match a Silk Air flight back to Singapore. There are countless flights going to Singapore from North America every day, so if looking at schedules, you want the easiest flight into Singapore to arrive in time to catch the Silk Air flight to Manado on October 4th and likewise when returning, you will need to make the Silk Air to homeward flight connect in Singapore on the 14th.

There are also options flying through Jakarta and Bali.

10 days of diving is a great value at NAD, but if you want more time, it is easy to extend your stay.

What’s the diving like?

A lot of the diving is “Muck” – not bad muck – great muck! That just means there are a lot of dark sand and light sand areas without a lot of reef structure, but with lots of exotic inhabitants. That doesn’t mean there is no reef – there are areas of beautiful reef and often a dive will cross a reef or end near a shallow reef, but that is not always the focal point. Generally there is very little current and the diving is easy. Some dives have special star subjects and the guides will be sure point them out.

Will I have help finding these crazy critters?

Yes! Amazingly, NAD provides a guide for every two divers. That means you will never be lacking for something to shoot. If something is on your “wish list” of subjects, just ask if they have seen it – the answer is usually yes!

How many dives will we have per day?

We will do at least three dives a day, but there is opportunity to do night dives, dusk mandarin dives or even Black Water night dives.

Is Nitrox Available?

Yes! Nitrox is included in the price. If you are not certified to dive Nitrox we strongly suggest you get certified before the workshop – you and your dive buddies will be glad you did.

What if I am just a “beginner”?

No problem! We would suggest at least getting familiar with your camera and equipment ahead of the trip, so you can focus on improving technique and understanding of the underwater specific challenges. A big part of what we can offer is one on one assistance, so be sure to let us know where you would like help.


More Questions?

Just let us know - we are here to help! Call us six days a week or email any time.