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FAQ on the Reef Photo & Video Anilao Workshop

The Best location and professional support equals amazing images


Join us for a week of fun and learning in one of the most productive underwater imaging locations in the world!

Anilao, Philippines is justifiably one of the most famous marine critter and fish species locations anywhere on earth. Few locations can serve up the diversity of coastal environments and types of marine habitat within an easy boat ride of shore. And perhaps no other destination of its caliber is as easy to get to - no matter where you might be traveling from. All this comes together to provide what is probably the best underwater imaging workshop location to be found anywhere.

The pros at Reef Photo and Video have come back often to Anilao and it never fails to impress with new sightings and discoveries. We love sharing these opportunities and helping people to capture images that they will be proud of, all while expanding their photographic possibilities. When we do these week long events, we are there to offer hands-on support throughout the event – above and below the water. So please take advantage of it!

Our host in Anilao is the beautiful and quiet Aiyanar resort. Unlike most resorts in Anilao, you enjoy a peaceful hillside on the water with minimal influence from the outside world. The staff will cater to your every need and you need barely lift a finger for the week. On the other hand, your cheeks may tire from returning all the smiles of the staff.

If you have never been to Anilao, you don’t know what you are missing. If you have, you know why you have to do it more than once. Join us. Let Reef Photo show you the best of the region and how to get the most out of it. The images will last a lifetime.

What’s Included:

A reservation in a deluxe double occupancy room with beautiful ocean view

All Meals excluding soft drinks and alcohol

Daily instructional presentations and all the personal assistance you are willing to ask for

3 Boat Dives a day in small groups with a high guide/diver ratio

Unlimited shore diving on the house reef (and helicopter wreck if desired)

1 Boat Night Dive included. The option of a black water dive can be arranged for a nominal extra cost depending on number of participants

Nitrox and compact tanks available.100cuft tanks if requested in advance

Full-service assistance with carrying and handling all of your gear

Dedicated camera station with plenty of charging

Transfer to and from Manila during the scheduled window

* Please note guests will be responsible for the Anilao park fees which are about $35 for the week.


Some helpful logistical information for potential Anilao Workshop attendees.

  • First and very important: Please make sure you have at least 6 months left on your passport AFTER May 2024! Tourist immigration at the airport is easy, but this is a sticking point.
  • Most of the flights coming from North America arrive in Manila late afternoon or evening, so we suggest arriving the night before (on May 10th) and spending the night at a hotel in the airport complex. The pick up on Saturday morning, May 11, will be at the Marriot (approximately 10:00 AM).

            Manila Marriott Hotel

               No. 10 Newport Boulevard

               Newport City Complex

               Pasay City | Newport Complex

               Pasay, Luzon 

               1309, Philippines




  • The Marriot is an extremely nice and comfortable hotel, even by Western standards. You can book directly through Marriot which can make this a very easy option. It can be a bit pricey and we have had it sell out when it gets close to the workshop time (less than 30 days out). An alternative hotel within a few hundred yards (same complex) is the Maxim Hotel that usually is $50 or so less expensive: Newport Blvd, Pasay, Metro Manila, Philippines  +63 2 908 8888

          One of the most budget friendly hotels in the complex is the Belmont: 

Located in: NEWPORT CITY - 150NB
Address: Newport Blvd, Newport City, Pasay, 1309 Metro Manila, Philippines

Please note that if you stay at the Maxim or elsewhere, you will still need to get to the lobby of the Marriot before 10:00 with your luggage

  • There are many, many flight options to Manila from North America and prices have come down. Flights from Miami to Manila can be found for well under $1500 round trip and it can pay to check unexpected options. Do double check the length of connections as long layovers can make for a long trip. Also Check flights that go east instead of west (Emerates and Qatar Airlines for instance)
  • On your departure date, May 18th, please remember that it can be a 3-4 hour ride back to the airport. So we recommend booking a flight in the late afternoon or early evening out of Manila on the 18th unless you are traveling elsewhere in the Philippines. Transfers are included if traveling within these normal windows. If you need to leave the resort at 5:00am for instance for a special transfer, it can be arranged, but would be an additional fee.
  • For those flying to the Philippines for the first time, we sometimes get asked if there are any health concerns to be aware of. I always say to ask your travel doctor if you have any specific concerns. I personally have never encountered any health issues and have never known any Filipinos in the areas we are visiting that have had any significant infectious health concerns (other than covid at its height) common to some tropical regions. The passenger on the flight over who is sneezing in the next seat is probably the biggest threat, so I do not take any particular precautions other than bringing my common sense with me. But again, check with your health professional and make an informed decision.
  • English is widely spoken – this was once a US territory after all. If you ever have trouble communicating; smiles go a very long way and they will be reflected everywhere. Filipinos will bend over backwards to help – to the point I would caution what you ask for. Because they will probably find a way to get it for you!


  • If anyone has any special dietary needs, please let us know in advance of our trip. Food at the resort will have a fair amount of variety.
    Breakfast will generally have Eggs to order, breads, fruit, cereal, yogurt, bacon, pancakes or other variations and some Filipino standards like fried rice.


  • Lunch and Dinner will have buffet options running from Filipino (pork and seafood) to European/Western pastas and salads, different soups every day, etc. There will always be some vegetarian options as well – particularly if requested.


  • All power is generally 240V (though the camera room will have some 120V). Outlets throughout the Philippines are either the US style or the European style (two circular prongs). The resort will have universal style outlets in many locations – but again, even US style outlets will be 240V.


These are just some of the early questions that often get asked. We are here to help with anything that may come up. As we get a little closer to the trip, you will get an additional email with greater details on our logistics.

Again, thanks for joining us on what is sure to be a wonderful week of learning and diving!