YS-D3 DUO Underwater Strobe

SKU # SS-03129


Guide Number 33 (28 with diffuser attached)
Beam Angle 80°x105° (without Diffuser), 100°x110°(with Diffuser)
Recycle Time 3.5 sec
Color Temperature   5800k (5600k with diffuser)


YS-D3 DUO Underwater Strobe

The red color is not shipping until December. 

The YS-D3 DUO is an underwater strobe specifically designed to be compatible with the "Wireless RC Flash System" of OM SYSTEM digital cameras. The "RC System" is a light control mode wherein the camera automatically regulates the flash output based on the brightness detected through the lens. This system utilizes a digital optical signal to achieve precise control over the light, surpassing the typical TTL mode found in most underwater strobes. It allows for fine-tuning of the light intensity through options such as flash/non-flash selection or manual operation.

The YS-D3 incorporates newly designed circuitry and a light-emitting unit, resulting in an impressive guide number of 33. To ensure even light dispersion from the center to the edge, a high precision aspherical optical triodal lens is fitted over the two flash tubes. By attaching the standard accessory Diffuser, the strobe's beam angle can be increased to 110°. Furthermore, when the optional Dome diffuser is used, the beam angle can extend as wide as 150° (to be determined).

To prevent any confusion, it's important to note that the YS-D3's guide number (GN) and beam angle are measured on land, not underwater.