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Nauticam Vacuum Detection/Moisture Alarm PCB set(incl. on/off switch and mount, buzzer, moisture sensor, battery holder and 4 colour LED

Nauticam Vacuum Detection/Moisture Alarm PCB set(incl. on/off switch and mount, buzzer, moisture sensor, battery holder and 4 colour LED

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Nauticam is pleased to announce an exceptionally comprehensive vacuum system that allows the underwater photographer to confirm watertight integrity before entering the water. This system provides additional peace of mind with expensive camera equipment and should mean fewer lost dives due to minor equipment issues. The system is comprised of two parts, a one way vacuum valve and an electronic monitoring circuit.

Monitoring Circuit

The electronic monitoring circuit is compactly integrated into the housing’s leak detector, where it constantly measures the vacuum level and reports its status via a multi-color LED easily visible on the rear of the housing. This sophisticated circuit has an advanced temperature compensation capability, so changes in ambient temperature or changes in internal temperature won’t cause a false positive.

Starting with NA-70D for Canon 70D, all new Nauticam DSLR and Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera housing models will ship with the electronic monitoring circuit installed as standard equipment. Vacuum valves are sold as optional equipment, allowing the user to customize the housing accessory configuration as needed. Understanding the LED color codes is very easy. At ambient pressure, the LED slowly blinks blue. When a solid vacuum is achieved, the LED changes to a solid green, indicating system integrity. If the vacuum starts to degrade, the LED begins to flash yellow, and if water intrusion is detected, the LED flashes red, and the audible alarm is sounded.

16108 Nauticam Epic LT for Red Epic & Scarlet (N120 Port, SmallHD502)
16109 Red Weapon LT Housing
16113 Nauticam C200 Housing for Canon EOS C200 Digital Cinema Camera
16114 Nauticam NA-EVA1 Housing
16131 Digital Cinema System for Red Epic & Scarlet
16132 PL Mount Red Housing for RED TOUCH 7 inch LCD
16133 Digital Cinema System for ARRI ALEXA Mini Camera
16134 Digital Cinema System for Red DSMC2(N200 Port)
16229 DSMC2 REDTOUCH 4.7 Monitor Back for 16109 Weapon LT
17152 NA-XT2 Housing
17215 NA-D7100 Housing for NikonD7100 Camera
17216 NA-D810 Housing
17219 NA-D5 Housing
17220 NA-D500 Housing
17316 NA-1DX housing for Canon 1DX Camera
17321 NA-1DXII Housing for Canon EOS 1DX MarkII Camera
17410 NA-A7 Housing for Sony A7/A7r Camera
17411 NA-A5000 housing for Sony A5000camera
17414 NA-A7II housing for Sony A7 II/A7IIR camera
17708 NA-GX7 Housing forPanasonicLumixGX7camera
17709 NA-GH4 housing for PanasonicLumixGH4camera
17713 NA-GH5 housing for Panasonic Lumix GH5 camera
17806 NA-EM1 housing for Olympus OM-D E-M1 camera
17809 NA-EM5II housing for Olympus OM-D E-M5 II camera
17811 NA-EM1II Housing
17903 NA-058 Housing
17410NB NA-A7 Housing(Noelectricalbulkhead)
17414NB NA-A7II housing for Sony A7 II/A7RII camera (No electrical bulkhead)

Retrofits for existing housings are available starting November 4, 2013. Contact your local Nauticam dealer for details.

Vacuum Valve

The second component of this system is a one way vacuum valve, which is available in several styles to support various housing configurations. These Vacuum Valves contain an integrated vacuum release, and a redundant waterproof cap. No tools are required to open the housing after creating a vacuum, as the vacuum is released with a simple knurled nut.

The basic valve uses a hand pump to create the vacuum, but a more advanced Dual Activation vacuum valve is also available. The Dual Activation Valve accepts a BCD Low Pressure Inflator Hose quick disconnect, and uses tank pressure to create a Venturi effect that pulls the vacuum. This is recommended for housings like Nauticam’s DCES for RED EPIC and SCARLET where the internal volume of the housing makes using a hand pump impractical.

“Offset” Extension Valves are used when a housing has a single accessory hole, but requires both a Vacuum Valve and electrical bulkhead to be installed in the same location. This will enable most housings to be able to utilize this valuable tool.

All vacuum valves also include a hand pump and spanner tool for installing valves.

The Bottom Line

This new system is the most advanced integrity check system available today, and the only one with integrated leak detection and temperature compensation. With it’s intuitive multi-colored LED status codes, the underwater photographer can now be assured with a simple glance that the watertight integrity of the housing is secure.



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