UW Technics 11076 Optical/Electrical TTL Converter for Panasonic (Nauticam Housings)

UW Technics 11076 Optical/Electrical TTL Converter for Panasonic (Nauticam Housings)

SKU # uwt.11076


The best of both worlds!  Strobes that support optical TTL accurately can be connected via flood-free fiber optic cables and triggered by the UW Technics TTL Converter's onboard LEDs.

  • Continuous shooting in both TTL and manual mode, up to the capacity of the external flash for continuous shooting
  • Faster shooting response eliminates internal flash recycle lag
  • Increased camera battery life
  • Less heat inside the housing, and lower risk of fogging

Compatible Strobes:

At this time we have confirmed compatibility with these underwater strobes.

  • Inon D-2000
  • Inon S-2000
  • Inon Z-240
  • Inon Z-330
  • Sea & Sea YS-250
  • Sea & Sea YS-D1
  • Sea & Sea YS-D2
  • Ikelite DS 160
  • Ikelite DS 161

Compatible cameras:

  • Panasonic GH5 / GH5S

Compatible underwater housings: 

  • NA-GH5


Compatible photo cameras: Panasonic GH5 / GH5s

Compatible underwater housing: Nauticam NA-GH5

Compatible strobes: Inon Z-330, Z-240, D-2000; Sea&Sea YS-250, YS-D1,YS-D2; Ikelite DS-161, DS-160; Subtronic Pro-270.

TTL outputs onboard: 2 optical + 1 electric (+/- Ev) “Flash Exposure compensation” adjustment: Yes

“TTL / M” mode switching: Yes

Manual Adjustment of strobe intensity (by camera controls in “M” mode): 1/64…..

Full 1-st / 2-nd curtain mode: Yes

“Flash Off” mode: Yes

Continuous (serial) shooting mode: Yes

Switching power “On/Off”: Automatic by camera command

Battery: No battery required

Current consumption (in standby mode): 0.01 mkA

Compatible Fiber-optic cable type: Nauticam #26216

Compatible Electric cable: Sea&Sea, Ikelite, Subtronic, Subal Compatible Dual Electric cable: Sea&Sea, Ikelite Electric Bulkhead type (optional accessory): Nikonos-5, Ikelite, S-6