UW Technics 11052 Optical/Electrical TTL Converter for Canon (Nauticam Housings)

SKU # uwt.11052


Currently not compatible with the Canon 5DSR


The best of both worlds!  Strobes that support optical TTL accurately can be connected via flood-free fiber optic cables and triggered by the UW Technics TTL Converter's onboard LEDs.

  • Continuous shooting in both TTL and manual mode, up to the capacity of the external flash for continuous shooting
  • Faster shooting response eliminates internal flash recycle lag
  • Increased camera battery life
  • Less heat inside the housing, and lower risk of fogging

Batteries are included

Compatible Strobes:

At this time we have confirmed compatibility with these underwater strobes.

  • Inon D-2000
  • Inon S-2000
  • Inon Z-240
  • Inon Z-330
  • Sea & Sea YS-250
  • Sea & Sea YS-D1
  • Sea & Sea YS-D2
  • Ikelite DS 160
  • Ikelite DS 161

Compatible cameras:

  • All Canon DSLR cameras

Compatible underwater housings: 

  • NA-R5
  • NA-5DSR
  • NA-1DX
  • NA-7D
  • NA-80D
  • NA-70D
  • Please contact us for other compatibility

Compatible Bulkheads for Electrical Sync:

  • uwt.91340  UW Technics 4 Pin M14 Nikonos bulkhead
  • uwt.91341 UW Technics 4 Pin M14 Ikelite bulkhead 


  • TTL outputs: 2 optical LEDs and 2 electric wire connectors for use with optional electrical bulkheads
  • Maximum Fiber-optic cable length for “TTL” operation: 3m
  • Maximum Fiber-optic cable length for “MANUAL” operation: 35m
  • ISO camera range: 50-25,600
  • Continuous Shooting Support
  • Rear Curtain Sync Support
  • Switching “ON/OFF”: Automatic by camera command
  • Battery capacity (+20°C): 3-5 years in standby mode, or 65,000 flashes.
  • Operation temperature: -30°C to +40°C.
  • Dimensions of main board: 54mm x 22mm x 12mm.
  • Weight: 25g excluding batteries
  • Replacement battery; use two CR-1632