ULCS DB-BL08 8 x 2 Inch Double Ball Large Buoyancy Arm

SKU # ulc.db.bl08


ULCS DB-BL08 8"x2" Double Ball Large Buoyancy Arm

At last there is an answer for heavy housings! No more strained arms and wrists!  Diving photographers have been suffering for years with rigs that are so negatively buoyant that they are physically uncomfortable to dive with, but ULCS DB-BL arms are here to offer relief!

The ULCS DB-BL series of 2" diameter Double Ball Buoyancy Arms are available in 4 lengths: the DB-BL08 Double Ball Buoyancy Arm, the DB-BL10 10"x2" Double Ball Buoyancy Arm, the DB-BL12 12" x2" Double Ball Buoyancy Arm, the DB-BL14 14" x2" Double Ball Buoyancy Arm, and the DB-BL16 16"x2" Double Ball Buoyancy Arm.

These arms require the longer AC-CSL clamp between segments, to allow them to be folded together.

All ULCS arm segments are compatible with the AC-CS Traditional Clamp, the AC-CSF New Style Clamp, and the AC-TCS Triple Clamp.

These arms offer a buoyancy offset of:

8" 4.5oz.
10" 8oz.
12" 11oz.
14" 14.8oz.
16" 18 oz.


A setup with two arm lengths, one AC-CSL clamp, one AC-CSF clamp, one strobe adapter, and one base adapter will yield the following:

Arms Buoyancy
2 x 8" Neutral
8" + 10" 1.75oz.
2 x 10" 7oz.
10" + 12" 8.3oz.
2 x 12" 11.2oz.
12" + 14" 15oz.
2 x 14" 1lb. 3oz.
14" + 16" 1lb. 6oz.
2 x 16" 1lb. 9oz.

Since 1993, Ultralight Control Systems has been manufacturing one of the lightest weight and most reliable arm systems on the market. All Ultralight clamps, mounting balls, and arms are engineered to incorporate the maximum clamping action possible. The inclusion of an o-ring in each ball joint greatly increases the friction forces at the joint, keeping the arms where you put them, while minimizing the metal to metal contact between the clamp and ball.

All ULCS products start with 6061 aluminum which is known for excellent moisture resistance and strength while still being light-weight. Each part is machined and then hard anodized, to withstand the harshest treatment and provide a lifetime of trouble free service.