Subal Sony FDR-AX1 and PXW-Z150

SKU # sub.15ax1


Subal AX1 / Z150 for Sony FDR-AX1 and PXW-Z150

Port is not included; shown for illustrative purposes only.

SUBAL Provides a housing for the Sony FDR-AX1- 4K and PXW-Z150 - 4K cameras . The housing is very compact and it is possible to operate all functions of the camera in the housing.

The ergonomic SUBAL design and arrangement of all important elements of the housing allows the camera easy operation without letting go of the handle.  Housing has three plugs which customer can use to connect camera remote control, vacuum pump and other accessories.  There are also two mounting points for lights or other equipment. SUBAL offers zoom and focus gears from 20 mm up to 95 mm.

Dimensions: 33 x 26 x 33cm

Weight in air, without ports, without camera is 6.2 kg (13.7 pounds).