Subal ND4S Housing for Nikon D4S

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Subal ND4S Housing for Nikon D4S

Port not included; shown for illustrative purposes only.

The ND4S housing provides access to all functions of the Nikon D4S including Liveview and info.  

The ergonomic SUBAL design and arrangement of all important elements of the housing allows the camera an easy operation without letting go of the handle.  The camera is mounted on a slide for precise positioning in the housing.  A 4 mm O ring and the SUBAL QuickLock closure system prevents accidental crushing of the O-ring, and ensures maximum safety.  

Threaded holes at the base of the housing for additional mounting options.  

Video lights or strobes can be attached or mounted to the housing T-Plates on each side.  

LCD monitor window provides a glare-free and high-contrast view of the camera LCD.  

Material selection, processing, surface protection and finish conform to the usual standard level of quality that is in all SUBAL products.  

Compatible with optional GS 180 degree and 45 degree viewfinders.

For video recording, the Subal Prism Finder PS-30 shows the camera monitor image full size at a viewing angle of 30°.  

All Subal viewfinders systems are interchangeable and can be mounted easily by the user. 

 All SUBAL ports with bayonet mount on this case can be used (except DP-FE2).  Specify type /3 or type /4 mounting bayonet when ordering this housing.

Lens Gears:

A wide selection of Subal zoom control gears and focus control gears are available. 

Some older Subal lens gears might be compatible; please contact us for further information.

Technical data:

  • Seawater resistant aluminum alloy.  
  • Hard Coating and corrosion treatment is applied to the surface of the housing.
  • 3 layers of powder coating paint is applied to give the housing the Subal color and unique finish.
  • All parts are made of hard-anodized light alloy, acid-resistant stainless steel
  • SUBAL QuickLock closure system.


Approximately 280 x 215 x 160 mm / 11 x 8.5 x  6.3 inches without port and not including handles.

Flash connection:  Optional

  • Nikonos V
  • Subtronic S6 Sockets