Subal FS700 for Sony NEX FS 700 75m Depth Rating

Subal FS700 for Sony NEX FS 700 75m Depth Rating

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Subal FS700 for Sony NEX FS 700

Port not included; shown for illustrative purposes only.

Subal offers professional video housing for the Sony FS 700 4K camcorder.  This housing can be operated full manual and partly electronic through the remote handle. Size 3 portsystem to mount all ports from Subal.

The housing offers 2 output bulkheads with S6  connector.  These can be used for HDSDI output for 4K recorder, external monitors or even a remote systems.  Subal is also offering a housing for the Odyssey Convergen 7Q  4K monitor-recorder.

The electronic handle offers you: tele, wide zoom, start-stop and 4 free programable options, operated via infrared.

A precise focus control and zoom wheel for full manual operation is built in.

The flexibility to use many diferent lens systems from different manufacturers like Zeiss, Canon, Nikon is possible,  with an adapter.  The Sony 18-105 mm or 10-18mm are most recomended for underwater filmmaking.

Operating Depth: 75 m standard.  A 150m depth rated version is also available.

Dimensions:  length 333 cm  width: 213cm  height: 210mm

Weight:  6.2 kg (without Port)

Weight in Water: (without lightsystem +1,5 kg) depending on lens and portsystem 0.5 +/- 1,5 kg

Monitor:  Subal housing for Convergent Odyssey 7Q and Mounting Bracket for 7Q