Subal DP-230 Dome Port Type 3

SKU # sub.dp230.t3


An extensive range of exchangeable front ports allows the user of a wide variety of camera lenses – from fisheye lenses to zoom and macro lenses. Front dome optics made from precision high optical quality glass, ensures the best  reproduction performance along with maximum impact and abrasion resistance. Secure and effortless port exchange is facilitated by a bayonet featuring greatest possible overlap and exact positioning with backstop. Depending on application, SUBAL can supply plane glass ports, custom dome ports for wide-angle, ultra wide-angle and fisheye lenses, as well as focus control ports for macro lenses. Changing the ports involves quickly, easily and safely by a bayonet with utmost coverage and accurate positioning stop. Weight: 2.5kg

Ports include neoprene front protective cover.