Subal 15FS7 for Sony FS 7

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Subal 15FS7 for Sony FS 7

Port not included, camera not included; shown for illustrative purposes only.

Functions:The housing has full manual control, as well electronic LANC control via the handles.

Subal port type 4 is standard.

You can install the LCD monitor from the camera into the underwater housing (as comes with the camera) and we have a changeable magnifying viewfinder with diopter adjustment.

Output control via SDI or HDMI is possible as accessories, or external monitor can be used (Odyssey Q7 or Atomos Shogun)

Vacuum system available, manual with pump and electronic control system via signal and green light.

The housing also has an inbuilt depth gauge.

Size  29 x 27 x 24cm

Weight 5.5 kg /  12 pound