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Sea & Sea Leak Alarm Unit with Manual Pump

Sea & Sea Leak Alarm Unit with Manual Pump

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The Sea & Sea Leak Alarm Unit with Manual Pump prevents water leakage into your underwater camera housing by creating negative pressure inside the housing and monitoring the change of pressure. The air pressure sensor checks the integrity of your housing's seal before you dive. The leak sensor reacts and issues alerts with an LED indicator if water leaks into the housing during the dive.

Pre-Dive Vacuum Check
It monitors the air pressure inside the housing produced by the vacuum pump, and it displays the status three-color LED lighting/flashing and an alarm.
Ongoing Monitoring
Measures air pressure and occurrence or nonoccurrence of water leakage in the housing every 0.2 seconds (200ms). It constantly monitors the inside of the housing.
Temperature Compensation
Judges the air pressure value by converting the temperature to 68°F. It does not allow malfunction caused by pressure fluctuations due to heat generated by the camera or changes in water temperature.
CR2032 Battery
Battery life is about 250 hours when the power is on. One battery charge enables long-term usage.
Compatible Sea & Sea Housings
  • Nikon:MDX-D7100, D500, D600, D800, D810, D850, Z7, Z7Ⅱ
  • Canon:MDX-70D, 80D, 5D Mark Ⅲ, 5D Mark III V2, 5D Mark IV, 6D, 7D Mark II, R, R5
  • Sony:MDX-a6300, a7 II, a7 III, α7 IV