Sea & Sea Internal Optical YS Converter C2

Sea & Sea Internal Optical YS Converter C2

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Sea & Sea Internal Optical YS Converter C2

A compact unit that converts the camera's TTL signal to a light signal. The converter connects to the camera's accessory shoe TTL and manual modes can be switched by pushing the mode switch on the housing.

Advantages of using the Optical YS Converter and not using the camera's built-in flash:

  • Risk of water-ingress and flooding via the strobe bulkhead is eliminated.
  • The camera's battery will last longer.
  • External strobes will fire in accordance with their quickest recycle time.
  • No inner reflections from camera's built-in flash.
  • Compared with slave TTL, the Optical YS Converter achieves far greater accuracy in TTL exposure/output.
  • Optical YS Converter is compatible with SLR cameras that do not have a built-in flash.


  • Power ON/Power OFF/TTL mode (indicated by blue lamp)/Manual mode (indicated by green lamp)
  • Remaining battery level is indicated by flashing LED lamp.
  • Auto Power Off:  The converter will automatically power off if the shutter lever or the mode switch is not activated for more than one hour.   The converter can be re-activated by pressing the mode switch.
  • Power Source 2 x AAA battery (Alkaline: 3.0V / Ni-MH: 2.4V)
    Alkaline: 15 hours / Mi-MH: 12 hours
  • Construction: Aluminum alloy (case)


54.4 x 39.5 x 53.3mm / 2.1 x 1.6 x 2.1 inches  (without cable)
Weight 154g / 5.4oz.

*  Optical YS Converters cannot be used with SEA&SEA housings not designed to incorporate them. Most, if not all SEA&SEA RDX and MDX series housings produced in the future will be compatible with an Optical YS Converter.