Sea & Sea 0.6x Wide Angle Conversion Lens M67 Mount

Sea & Sea 0.6x Wide Angle Conversion Lens M67 Mount

SKU # ss.52123


A wide-angle conversion lens with M67 screw mount. When the lens is mounted, the angle of view increases from 28mm to about a maximum of 17mm (35mm film camera equivalent). The lens can be detached and attached underwater;it can also be used on land.

· Use of an external strobe is strongly recommended; using the built-in flash when the lens is mounted may cause shadows to appear in images.
·The lens is compatible with the MDX-X10* (for the FUJI Film X10/X20), the Nikon WP-N1+ / WP-N2*, the Olympus PT-EP06L, PT-EP05L as of March 2013.

* slightly zoom to telephoto side to avoid vignetting.

Lens: 3 elements in 3 groups
Underwater angle of view: 94 degrees (150 degrees on land)
Magnification: 0.6x
Depth rating: 60m/200ft
Weight: 426g / 15oz (220g / 7.8oz underwater)
Dimensions (DIA x D): 96 x 44mm / 3.8 x 1.7 inches
Construction] corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy, anodized body (black).