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Reverse Straight Viewfinder for EMWL (40°/ 0.8:1)

SKU # 87214


This specialized version of the Nauticam Enhanced Full-Frame straight Viewfinder (40º/0.8:1) is designed to work specifically with the EMWL using ONLY the Focus Unit and the Objective Lens. 

Technical Specs

 Magnification Ratio 0.8:1
Dioptric Adjustment Range -3 to +3
Depth Rating 100m

Introducing Reverse Straight Viewfinder for EMWL (40°/ 0.8:1)

Reverse Straight Viewfinder for EMWL(40°/ 0.8:1) 

In this setup, without the relay lens, the image appears inverted in the viewfinder/EVF.  This version allows the image to appear in its proper orientation.  Removing the real lens allows for easier operation in certain conditions where a longer distance to the subject is not required.


This viewfinder is compatible with ALL Full-frame DSLR and Full-frame Mirrorless housings except the NA-A7C which requires the same adapter (#32215) as other mirrorless housings.



Instruction Manual

What's In The Box

  • Front and rear covers
  • Neoprene bag
  • Spare o-rings x 3
  • Manual card

Optional Accessories

  • 32215 Viewfinder Collar Adaptor for 87213/87214 to use with MIL Housings
  • 90020 45/180˚ viewfinder O-ring set
  • 90037 Rubber caps for EVF rear, front and eye cap (3 parts)

Compatible Housing Systems

  • Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) Camera Housings
  • Full Frame Mirrorless Camera Housings (except NA-A7C)
  • Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens (MIL) Camera Housings through using #32215 Viewfinder Collar Adaptor