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The DSMC® RED MOTION MOUNT® S35 Ti Canon (Captive) pushes the limits of what is possible under virtually any motion capture scenario. It’s a finely tunable neutral density filter over a wide range of stops. It’s a global shutter that prevents partial illumination with strobes and shearing with fast subjects. It’s a time filter that renders sharper yet smoother pans, artifact-free cyclical motion, more natural motion blur, and reduced or eliminated flicker with lights and electronic displays. Most importantly, all of this can be achieved using a drop-in titanium lens mount that preserves your existing camera and workflow. The DSMC REDMOTION MOUNT S35 Ti Canon (Captive) features captive mounting screws, so you’re never searching for hardware.



The RED® MOTION MOUNT integrates an intelligent neutral density (ND) system into its design, allowing you to electronically adjust your ND levels for precise exposure. Through the on-screen controls of your RED EPIC® or SCARLET®, you can finely adjust your ND opacity up to 2.4 ND, instead of having to interchange work around the predetermined values of ND glass filters. This technology encourages you to work faster and lighter by reducing the need to overload your matte box.



The RED MOTION MOUNT also has a mode that behaves like a global shutter. When working with strobes or fast subjects, this mode reduces partial exposure issues and provides more consistent illumination for every frame. Skewed and smeared artifacts become imperceptible as the RED MOTIONMOUNT fundamentally changes the way your camera captures light.



Cleaner pans, less cyclical motion artifacts, and no flicker – that’s what you can expect from your image with a REDMOTION MOUNT. The built-in time filter system eliminates many of the troubles associated with traditional motion cameras and elevates the quality of all of your imagery. With more natural motion blur and no more flickering displays or lights, the RED MOTION MOUNT brings your digital image closer to human eyesight than ever before.



NOTE: In ND Only mode, if the MOTION MOUNT is set near the end of its ND range and used with a very wide aperture you may notice a modified out-of-focus field (bokeh), and possibly some vignetting at the edge of the image with smaller image circle lenses. We recommend that you do not shoot past 4 stops of ND on the mount if you are shooting wide open.