PAGlink PL16+ Charger

PAGlink PL16+ Charger

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PAGlink PL16+ Charger

Batteries are not included; shown for illustrative purposes only.

  • Fast-charge PAGlink batteries in any state-of-charge, individually or linked
  • Charge up to 32 batteries simultaneously
  • Fast, efficient, automatic charging
  • Lightweight, rugged, compact and quiet

PAGlink is the first battery system that allows batteries to be charged whilst linked.  Linked charging is more efficient because it allows more batteries to be charged simultaneously on fewer chargers.

The PAGlink PL16+ Charger is a 4-position V-Mount Li-Ion charger capable of charging simultaneously up to 32 PAGlink batteries, 8 linked on each position.

Simply stack your batteries on the charger and leave them to charge. Fewer chargers are now required to manage a large battery inventory, saving you money.


    Parallel charging individually or linked:

    • Model 9303 PAGlink PL96e
    • Model 9304 PAGlink PL96T

    Parallel charging individually:

    • Model 9307V PAG L90 Slim
    • Model 9310V PAG L95e/L96e
    • Model 9305V L96T
    • Sony V-Mount

    Batteries can be in any state-of-charge for linked charging.

    • 16 fully-discharged batteries will be fullycharged in under 24 hours.
    • PAGlink intelligent batteries control their own charging program.
    • The most discharged batteries are given priority. Fully charged batteries will stop receiving charge independently.
    • The charge status of each battery is shown on its individual display so that you know which batteries are ready to use.
    • Batteries may be left on the charger when fully-charged and will be automatically maintained in a ready-for-use condition.
    • The PL16+ incorporates PAG Intelligent Parallel Charging software which is fast, efficient and fully automatic.
    • The charger design is lightweight, slim and rugged, making it suitable for transport and location use.
    • The charger will automatically recover Li-Ion batteries after over-discharge or safety cut-out.

      Li-Ion Intelligent Parallel Charging program maximum output 6A at 16.8V, 100W approximately.
      PAG ACS Ni-MH sequential charge program: output 3A.

      Overall 314 x 217 x 75mm  / 1.6kg