ONEUW ONE 160x MkII Digital TTL Strobe

SKU # ouw.160300


Listening carefully to your needs, our know-how, the solution.

A power more than adequate for ambient photos, even against the light, for the most technical macros, without any variation to the native iso of digital cameras.

A light that is qualitatively uncompromising from the outset, with wide, uniform coverage, and a slightly warm color temperature.

A modern, highly efficient, versatile electronic device, with syncro cable and fiber optic connections, equipped with Nikon, Canon and Sony TTL digital protocols installed "on board" and selectable by the user.

The flash firmware can be updated directly by the user via App-Bluetooth to correct, improve or add new features.

HSS high-speed sync is available in both automatic TTL exposure for all digital protocols and manual.

A flash that is easy to use, with ergonomic controls, easy to read the settings.

A quality product, that is extremely robust and reliable.

Power, digital control and advanced functions, great reliability.
  • Maximum available energy 162 Ws (J)
  • Integrated digital TTL protocols "on board" Nikon, Canon, Sony and s-TTL fiber optics
  • Ability for the user to select the digital protocol version and update the flash firmware themselves
  • HSS high-speed sync mode available in both digital and manual TTL auto exposure
  • Dual CPUs for managing communication protocols and power circuits
An uncompromising construction, robustness, precision and finish at levels of excellence.
  • Structure in treated and hard-anodized anticorodal aluminum
  • Stainless steel control shafts with double o-ring seal
  • Extremely robust construction, max. operating depth 200 m
Ergonomics in the foreground. Essential, large, easy to hold.
  • Ergonomic, large, easy-to-operate controls
  • Simple and rational control layout with plenty of room for manoeuvre
  • Large control display that is easy to read in all conditions
Ease of use, logical and intuitive operation, great visibility.
  • Operating Mode: Nikon, Canon & Sony Digital TTL, s-TTL, TTL Film, Manual
  • Manual power control at 1/2 f-stop intervals over a range of - 6
  • TTL exposure compensation at 1/3 f-stop intervals for a total of +/- 2
The best light to paint your pictures.
  • Guide number 20 (ISO100-1mt) with 130° coverage angle
  • Circular flash lamp, warm coating, with metallic parabola and spherical corrector
  • Two-power coaxial pilot light with autofocus assist mode
Battery Power
Great efficiency and autonomy, safety without compromise.
  • Removable NiMH battery pack
  • High battery life, more than 250 flashes at maximum power
  • Fast, CPU-driven reload times ranging from 0.1 to 1.6 seconds