OneUW NBP-4830 NIMH Spare Battery Pack

SKU # ouw.204830


This is the spare or replacement battery for One160x strobes.

This battery comes with a protective neoprene velcro bag. 

Power is supplied by a removable NiMH battery pack made with the best professional high-energy cells from Panasonic.

More than 250 flashes at full power are ensured with recharge times, electronically managed by CPU, ranging from 0.1 to 1.8 seconds.

The dedicated desktop battery charger allows fast recharging in less than two hours.
The control of the remaining charge is visible on the display every time the flash is turned on and off.

We have paid the utmost attention to safety, providing the battery pack with a short-circuit protection, making the battery compartment watertight and equipping the closing cap of the compartment with a safety valve.

Safe for transportation and use, practical and quick to replace, with a second unit you will always have available in a few moments a reserve of energy for all your needs.

No limitation for its air transport in the cabin.

Ni-MH 4.8V


14.6 Wh