NEW Kraken Hydra 18000 WRGBU Underwater Video Light

SKU # kra.hydra.18k.wrbgu


Kraken's most powerful WRGBU video light! Packing an impressive 18000 lumens you’ll get all the power you need, and then some! The Hydra 18000 carries much the same features as the rest of the Hydra line. Wide flood, Red, Green, Blue, and UV modes give you many different lighting options all with one single light. The built-in dome on the front gives you an extremely wide and smooth\even beam with soft edges giving you the perfect flood for shooting video. Built-in ability to control with Kraken's remote makes controlling up to 2 lights at a time from your tray a breeze. You can connect the light to your camera via fiber optic cable to get a burst\strobe of up to 20000 lumens! A sealed water-resistant head means the electronics are safe from floods, if you do have an accident the head should be salvageable as long as you get it out of saltwater ASAP. Easily swap batteries between dives by simply unscrewing the head and slipping in a new battery. Charge up to 2 batteries at a time with the included USB C PD GaN charger, there is an extra USB port also to charge your phone, tablet, camera, or dive torch. This enables you to travel with a lot less clutter! Light includes BOTH YS and Ball mounts, no worry about having to buy additional connectors. All packed in a handy padded carry case. The Hydra 18000 is a videographer's dream.


  • Lumens: 18000 Flood Constant @ 5600K, 20000 Burst Mode @ 5600K
  • CRI: 90
  • Beam Angle: 120 Degrees Underwater
  • Burn Time: 60 Minutes @ 100% Flood
  • Switch: Push Button With Dial
  • Modes: Adjustable In 10 Percent Increments Via Dial On Rear, FloodRedBlueGreenUVRGB Adjustable
  • Depth Rating: 330ft/100m
  • Weight: 1400g / 3lbs On Land – 620g / 1.5lbs Underwater (Including Battery)
  • Dimensions: 79mm(D) X 252mm(L) – 3.1in(D) X 9.9in(L)
  • Included In Box: Light, Battery, USB C PD GaN Charger, USB PD Cable, Spare Orings, YS Mount, Ball Mount, Carry Case