Nauticam EMWL 150mm Relay Lens

Nauticam EMWL 150mm Relay Lens

SKU # 87211


Relay Lens

The EMWL Objective Lenses generate an inverted image, making it appear upside down. The Relay Lens corrects the inverted image and relays the image back to the focusing unit and sensor. The EMWL can be used without without the relay lens. Without the relay lens, you will have an inverted image, but the overall length of the EMWL will be approximately 6.5 inches (164.5mm) shorter.

Technical Specifications
Depth Rating 100m
Weight in Air/Underwater 3557/330g
Dimensions 62mm X 164.5mm

Recommended Accessories:

  • 87501 Flip Holder for EMWL Lens
  • 87507 Padded Travel Bag for EMWL (Focusing Unit/Relay Lens/3x Objective Lenses)
  • 87512 Shade for 130° Objective Lens
  • 87513 Shade for 100° Objective Lens
  • 87515 M67 Mount to EMWL Focusing Unit
  • 87516 EMWL Bayonet Holder for 70mm Diameter Float Arm
  • 87517 EMWL Bayonet Holder for 90mm Diameter Float Arm
  • 87518 Strobe Mounting Brackets for EMWL Relay Lens
  • 83250 M67 to Bayonet Mount Converter II
  • 83251 M77 to Bayonet Mount Converter II