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Magic Filter MC15 for Canon 15 FE, 14, 16-35, 17-40 (3 Pack)

Magic Filter MC15 for Canon 15 FE, 14, 16-35, 17-40 (3 Pack)

SKU # prp.mc15.3


Magic Filter MC15 for Canon 15mm FE, 14mm, 16-35mm, 17-40mm

Magic Filters offer a new way of shooting for digital SLR photographers. They let us take it easy, to leave our strobes behind, and produce colourful underwater images with point as shoot, auto-everything, simplicity.

Magic Filters are designed to fit on all the common wide angle lenses used undewater by DSLR photographers (they are not designed for photography on slide film). The Magic not only makes underwater easy, it also solves the technical short comings of getting colour with flash. Flashguns cannot light up large subjects, but with a filter you can get colour over massive areas. Strobe light also falls off rapidly with distance, but with the filter you can taken shots where colour penetrates deep into the images away from the lens.

The Magic Filter was designed to work over as wide a depth range as possible. It will produce vibrantly coloured images from the surface down to 15m (50ft), and then subtler, more muted tones there after, which are still an improvment on reality. That said the filter is designed to work best for available light shooting, in clear blue water, on bright sunny days between 3 and 13m. Magic Filters aren't for every dive, but they do enable underwater photographers to take types of images that they never could before.