Magic Filter GreenWater Magic for Canon (3 pack)

Magic Filter GreenWater Magic for Canon (3 pack)

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GreenWater Magic filter is designed for DSLR users and advanced compact users (it also works on video). This filter requires the cameras white balance to be set manually. This filter produces remarkable images, particularly of still life subjects such as wrecks.

Filter photography in dark green waters is more of challenge than using the original Magic in brightly lit blue waters. The GreenWater Magic filter is our most technical filter and may take you a couple of dives to discover the best settings for your conditions and camera. We have tried to include as much helpful and honest information in these pages as possible so that you understand the filter before you buy it and to enable you to get the most out of it once you have.

The main advantage of using filters in green water is that they allow us to photograph large subjects, such as shipwrecks, in colour without the risk of backscatter which can be a big problem in turbid green waters. The filter also seems to cut through the murk and the gloom often surprisingly revealing more on the viewfinder than you can see with your eyes at the time (wait until you try it).

The main disadvantage of filter photography in green water is the lack of light which necessitates long exposures or high ISO settings. This is less of a problem with the latest generation of digital cameras, which have remarkable high ISO performance. Even so fast moving subjects are probably best photographed with strobes, unless you are in very bright conditions.

The GreenWater Magic works over a wide depth range between 5 and 25m on DSLRs, although we suspect the maximum depth might be less on digital compacts cameras.

The GWMC15 is a GreenWater Magic filter designed to fit into the filter holding slot on the rear on several on Canon's wide angle lenses. These include the Canon 15mm FE, 14mm, 16-35mm Mk1 and 17-40mm (this filter does not fit the Canon 16-35mm Mk2).

Sensibly Canon has made this filter the same size on all these lenses.  The filter measures approximately 31x31mm. The filter is square although you may wish to trim the leading edge corners so it slides more easily into the filter holder. Note that Sigma lenses made for Canon cameras take smaller rear filters (approx 23x25mm) - although it would be possible to cut down a larger Canon filter to fit a Sigma lens. Note that green waters are usually darker than blue tropical waters and filter photography in these conditions often involves long exposures.