Magic Filter AUTO-MAGIC AM3 2" square + Stencil (3pack)

Magic Filter AUTO-MAGIC AM3 2

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Package of 3 filters. The Auto-Magic filter is made specifically for digital compact cameras. They have been designed to make the great colours of Magic images simple for everybody produce. This filter works with the camera’s inbuilt automatic white balance and exposure, so all you need to do is turn off your flash and point and shoot for vibrantly coloured images. The Auto-Magic filter allows you to take colourful underwater pictures without the hassle and difficulty of getting good results with the internal flash or an external strobe. The Auto-Magic delivers great colours without the risk of backscatter. The Auto-Magic filter is also perfect for shooting movies with your compact camera, where a flash or a strobe cannot be used. All compact cameras offer movie functions and the Auto-Magic allows you simply switch between photography and videography during a dive. Another advantage of switching off your flash and shooting stills with a Magic Filter is that it will make your battery last longer and will also reduce the likelihood of your housing steaming up (which is caused by the heat produced by the flash firing). The Auto-Magic filter works particularly well with wide angle accessory lenses, for scenic and diver photography. The filter is designed for relatively shallow diving in sunny tropical conditions. It works best between 9' - 35'/40' [3m - 10-12m] depending on the camera. Deeper than this depth the colours in the images begin to slowly fade back to a natural blue look. It is less suited to fast moving fish, which may blur. Most of the time the filter will give you pleasing images straight from the camera, and if it doesn’t you can usually sort them out by using automated functions such as “auto-color” in Photoshop or “Enhance” in iPhoto. Filter photography isn’t perfect for every dive, obviously it doesn’t work at night!