Light & Motion SOLA Nightsea Blue Light for Fluorescence Photography

SKU # lmi.850.0213


Most powerful fluorescent excitor on the market and the first dual mode design.

The Sola Nightsea™ can also be used as a dive light!  Add the included Sola Nightsea™ Phosphor Filter to the light which will produce bright white light.

Underwater fluorescense will be most remarkable when viewed through the Light & Motion Sola Nightsea™ Mask Filter.

For Underwater Fluorescence photography, simply place the Nightsea™ Camera Filter over the camera lens port.

Spare / replacement Nightsea™ Phosphor Filter are available.

To mount the lights use one of the following options:

Sola Nightsea™

Radiant Flux (mW) (Blue 60°/White 12°):

High- 3000/1700

Med- 1500/850
Low- 750/425

Run Time (Blue 56°/White 12°):
High- 70/110 Min
Med- 140/220 Min
Low- 280/440 Min

Charge Time:
150 Minutes (2A)

Size & Weight:
56mm x 104mm,  254 gr.