Light & Motion External Power Supply 12V 30W (US/UK/EU/AUS)

SKU # lmi.800.0271.A


Compatible Lights: Stella 1000, Stella 2000, Sola Laser 600, Sola 2500 S/F and Sola 3800 F.

Replacement power supply that includes both charger and US dongle for compact CL and Sola fast charge lights.
Replacement power supply for compact CL and Sola Fast Charge lights.  This accessory is ready to travel the world with key adapters for US, UK, EU, and AUS outlet standards.  Barrel plug can be removed to plug into popular accessories like the Light & Motion Car Charger or DTAP Cable.

*Sola 2500 F (flood only) models will use 2.0A charger.