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Kraken TG-PRO Housing for Olympus TG6/TG7

SKU # kra.KRH-TGPro


Kraken's newest housing for the OM System TG Series cameras! This version is compatible with both the TG-6 and the TG-7.

Kraken's newest TG series housing can home both the TG6 and TG7 cameras! The housing features an electronic vacuum feature but we have also built in an M16 bulkhead for those who would like to add a manual vacuum bulkhead system. Accommodating an 18650 battery, the TG-Pro can keep your camera charging while its in the housing!

It features a 52mm thread to directly accept 52mm wet optics. Lenses with 67mm threads will also work with 52-67mm step-up rings.

Download the Manual: TG Pro Manual PDF