Kraken Sports KRL-08S +6 Diopter Macro Wet Lens

SKU # kra.KRL-08S


Fill the frame with sharp images of tiny sea creatures and details of undersea life with this KRL-08S +6 Diopter Macro Wet Lens from Kraken Sports. Depth-rated for 197', this accessory conversion optic enables you to focus at very close distances. Its +6 diopter magnifies your view, cutting down on the amount of water between you and your subjects to reduce distortion and improve clarity.

The lens can be attached to 67mm threaded lens ports on underwater camera housings, and is designed for use with up to full-size sensors and lenses from 60-105mm. Maximum magnification is 1.5 (area ratio x 2.3) with a 105mm f/2.8 lens. This diopter contains four broadband anti-reflection coated elements arranged in three groups, allowing for clear images with corner-to-corner sharpness. Built for durability, the lens barrel is made of Type II anodized aluminum.

  • Powerful magnification: +6 diopter
  • Working distance: 3.1-6.3" / 80-160mm
  • Four elements in three groups
  • Broadband anti-reflective coated glass surfaces
  • Universal compatibility: 67mm rear thread is compatible with many housings
  • Type II anodized aluminum barrel