Kraken Sports Hydra 12000 WRGBU Video Light

SKU # kra.HYDRA-12000+WSRU


The Kraken Sports Hydra 12000 Video Light is a compact and powerful video light and has lots of interesting features. The video lights packs a serious punch with its 12000 lumens output. In addition, the video light has built in RGB LEDs which allows you to use the red as focus light, blue for floro and other colors for creative shots. Controlling the video light is also very easy with its button & dial functions, plus, it has an LCD screen to get important information such as burn time remaining, level and mode. 

The video light also features its burst mode. It can act as a strobe when attached to your camera via fiber optic cable. It is also compatible with the Kraken remote as well. Truly the Kraken Hydra 12000 is a must have video light!

Key Features:

  • Powerful - 12000 Lumens max output
  • RGB LED - Red for focus light, blue for floro and others for creative shots
  • Burst Mode - The video light can act as strobe (10,000 Lumens).
  • Ergonomics - Easy to control knob and button.
  • LCD Screen - Provides pertinent information. It also auto rotates depending on the orientation of the video light
  • Charging - Ability to charge via USDB C. 
  • Mounts - Includes both YS and ball mount
  • Remote Control - Compatible with Kraken Remote Control
  • CRI - 90
  • Beam Angle - 120° on land, 100°  underwater
  • Burn Time - 58 mins at max power
  • Dimension - 74.1mm X 156.5mm
  • Weight including battery - 920g On Land & 425g underwater