Keldan 8S Modular Dive Light 6,000 Lumen 5000K (2018)

Keldan 8S Modular Dive Light 6,000 Lumen 5000K (2018)

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The KELDAN Modular Lights are the only professional video light designed with a modular philosophy.

It allows the camera operator the ability to customize underwater lighting for their style of shooting. It is optimized to produce the highest quality light with very high brightness and a smooth wide beam.

A large variety of different LED modules and reflectors is available to satisfy any demand for creative and scientific work.

Ultra powerful 6-80 watt LED Dive light with rechargeable Li-Ion battery

  • wide range variable power 6-80 watts
  • 530 - 6'000 lumens
  • 4'000 - 45'000 candela
  • 5'000 kelvins
  • very compact and extremely powerful
  • Burn time - 60 minutes to 13 hours

LED Bulb with variable power

The LED bulb provides excellent daylight quality illumination with a color temperature of 5'000 kelvins. A unique feature is the variable power with 5 settings ranging from 6-80 watts. The power is regulated so that you can always get maximum performance, independent of the discharge state of the battery.

Small and lightweight

The design is optimized for very small dimensions and lightweight. You cannot find another light on the market which is as small and powerful as the Dive 8S.

Overtemperature Protection

Thanks to its over-temperature protection, the light can also be used outside water. The power is automatically reduced if the temperature of the housing increases due to operation outside water.

Li-Ion Battery

The Dive 8S uses a rechargeable Li-Ion battery pack which offers much higher power density and less weight compared to NiMH batteries. The Li-Ion batterypack also offers better performance in cold water conditions than NiMH batteries do. The batterypack can be easily exchanged within a few seconds.
The wall adapter accepts 110V to 240V AC. Exchangeable adapter plugs allow worldwide use.

Charge Display

An very precise eight segment charge level indicator on the back side of the battery gives you the charge level while charging or diving.


The deep discharge protection warns you with a flickering light about the end of burning time. When fully discharged, the light switches automatically to the LED safety light on the back side of the batterypack. 


Some of the available accessories and spare parts for this light are: 


Light flux max. power Candlepower max. power Burntime max. Power max. el. power
6'000 lumens 45'000 candela 60 minutes 80 watts


Light flux min. power Candlepower min. power Burntime min. Power min. el. power
530 lumens 4'000 candela 13 hours 6 watts


Beam angle Correlated Color Temperature Charge time Battery capacity
15° 5'000 kelvins 3-4 hours 97 Wh 14.8V


Diameter (Head) Length Dry weight Wet weight
7.2 cm 26 cm 1.0 kg 0.38 kg