Keldan Video 8XR Ambient 18000lm

SKU # kel.1892


Integrated Ambient Filter

The latest Video 8XR Ambient 18000lm is equipped with a custom designed LED which is emitting a light spectrum equivalent to the ambient light at 6m depth. This comes without the need of an external filter and therefore the luminous flux is about two times higher than with a Video 8XR 20000lm with an external AF 6B ambient filter! 

Ready for wireless Remote Control

The 8XR Ambient light is also ready for our wireless Remote Control RC1.

LED technology with outstanding efficiency

The Video 8XR Ambient 18000 lm is equipped with a LED of the latest generation. A unique feature is the variable power with 9 settings with a brightness range of 1:80.

Soft 110° beam

The light has a very soft and speckle free beam of 110° in water (120° in air).


The self contained design makes this light very easy to use. There is no need for special mountings for the battery canister. The included bracket with ball mount allows easy mounting on standard arm systems.

Small and lightweight

The design is optimized for very small dimensions and lightweight. The complete set adds only 0.87kg (0.30kg in water) to your gear.

Tough Design

The LED can not break and has an almost unlimited lifetime. The integrated overtemperature protection allows safe use of the light in air. The protection circuit controls the housing temperature and the power will be limited to keep the temperature within a safe range.

Travel Safe Li-Ion Battery

The battery passed successfully the mandatory UN38.3 safety test as required by IATA and it is therefore certified for air transport. The capacity of this battery is below the maximum allowed capacity of 100Wh. It contains an integrated protection circuit against harmful conditions like over-discharge, deep discharge, over-current and short circuit. 

Charge Display

The green charge level indicator displays the available relative charge. The two digit display shows the remaining time. While the battery is discharging, the display shows the remaining runtime in minutes (e.g.”18” = 18 minutes). When connected to the charger, the display shows the remaining charge time in units of 10 minutes (e.g.”18” = 180 minutes).