Keldan RC1 Ultrasonic Remote Control

SKU # kel.1346


Worlds 1st Underwater Remote Control

The KELDAN RC1 is a wireless Remote Control and based on ultrasonic technology. It is available for Video 18XR lights and Video 24XR lights. 

Outstanding features

It has two brightness channels. Each channel can address an infinite number of lights simultaneously. A light can be paired with any of the two channels with a pairing mode. The range under water is about 50 meters. The RC1 remote control can also operate in air, but the range will be limited to about 1-2 meters.

  • Easy mountable with ball adapter
  • Range of 50m
  • Control brightness individually on 2 channels
  • Each Channel can address an unlimited number of lights
  • Each Channel has a separate ID to avoid interference when multiple controllers are used at the same dive site
  • Remote Control works with our new "XR" series lights

Creative Freedom

  • No more swimming back and forth to adjust lighting
  • Fast and easy control of your lighting
  • Place the lights wherever you want
  • Opens new ways of shooting
  • Works around the corner and through walls