Inon UWL-100 Achromat Type 1 Wide Angle Conversion Lens

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The UWL-100 Achromat Type I is a wide angle conversion lens with 100 degree maximum view angle. It is designed to provide optimum optical performance with certain camera/housing combinations using Inon PT Housing 67mm Adapter Ring or M67 Mount Base.

For other camera/housings not listed below, use UWL-100 Type 2 lens and mount directly to 67mm threaded port ring.

* The UWL-100 is designed to perform equally well both underwater and above. Underwater it is an extreme wide-angle converter, in air it is a fisheye converter. (Underwater view angle 100.5° above water view angle 158.35° when used with C-3030 Zoom + PT-005) With the optional Dome Lens Unit for UWL-100, an attachment dome to fit over the UWL-100, it is possible to achieve even wider underwater angle of view, close to that currently possible on land.
* In addition to enabling extreme wide angle of view, the optical design of the UWL-100 allows closer focusing distances so better wide-macro (close focus wide angle) photography is possible. (When used with the C-3030 Zoom, in Standard Mode the focus range is 0.233m compared to camera only focus range of 0.8m. In Macro Mode the focus range is 0.233m to 0.0383m, compared to the camera only range of 0.8m~0.2m)
* The lens is constructed of high quality optical glass with multi-layer anti reflective coating on both sides. Five lens elements are arranged in four groups with achromatic doublets to correct for chromatic and spherical aberration. By design, the UWL-100 minimizes aberration to achieve master lens performance.

There are two versions of the UWL-100 lens: Type I and Type II.
Choosing between a Type 1 or Type 2 lens depends on your camera/housing system, whether it has a 67M threaded mount on its outer port, and if an adapter ring is necessary.

The UWL-100 Type I lens should be used with the following camera/housing combinations:

* Housing / Camera / Base-Adapter
* Olympus PT-005 C-3030Z, C-3000Z, C-2020Z PT Housing 67mm Adapter Ring necessary
* Olympus PT-007 C-3030Z, C-3000Z PT Housing 67mm Adapter Ring necessary
* Olympus PT-010 C-4000Z, C-4100Z, C-3030Z, C-3000Z PT Housing 67mm Adapter Ring necessary
* Canon WP-DC200/200s A10,20,30,40 M67 Mount Base DC200/200
* Canon WP-DC20 S1 IS "M67 Mount Base DC20"

*For other combinations, use Type II lens attached directly to the housing 67mm threaded port.

Notes on Olympus PT-018, PT-022 and PT-020 housings:

* *PT-018, PT-022 Housings: For optimum image, Inon does not recommend use of UWL-100 lens with PT-018 and PT-022 housings. Compared to 1/1.8 inch 3x Zoom cameras above, which UWL-100 was designed for, such as the C-5050 camera lens, the 1/2.7 inch CCD and 10x Zoom of the C-750/740 Ultra Zoom and C-770/760UZ cameras will cause less than optimum quality at image edges, compared to using with C-5050/PT-015, for example. UWL-100 Type 2 can be physically attached and used, but image quality will not be optimum. UWL-100 Type 1 definitely cannot be used.
* PT-020 Housing: Wider 28mm equivalent C-5060 lens with moving front element will cause vignetting when camera zoom at widest setting. Type 2 lens can be physically attached and used, but it will be necessary to zoom forwards a little to the equivalent 35mm setting (like the C-5050 lens at widest setting) thus negating benefits of C-5060 28mm equivalent native lens.

UWL-100 Achromat Type 1 / Type 2 Specifications [1]

* Diameter [1]: 100mm
* Length [2]: 58.5mm
* Threading / Pitch: M67 / 0.75
* Weight (above/below water) [2]: 625g / approx. 370g
* Depth Rating: 60m (200 feet)
* Body Material / Finish: Corrosion resistant aluminum alloyBlack hard anodized
* Lens Material / Coating: Optical Glass / Two-side anti-reflection coated
* Construction: 4 groups, 5 elements
* Magnification [3]: 0.57077
* UWL-100 Product Set: Includes: UWL-100 Lens, Lens Protector (rubber, factory installed on lens), Two Lens Caps (one for lens front, one for lens rear), User Manual

1) Specifications subject to change without notice.
2) Including factory installed rubber Lens Protector
3) UWL-100 performance itself, not in combination with camera lens.