Inon UW Tripod Hub

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Having UW Tripod Hub as a fundamental part, this newly designed underwater tripod system offers a wide variety of configurations of pan-head parts and tripod legs.
In addition to using on land and in freshwater, the whole system is usable in saltwater thanks to specially selected material, surface finishing and assembling method. (*1)

Left: UW Tripod Hub + UW 3-Way Panhead + Carbon Telescopic Arm M x 3
Right: UW Tripod Hub + Shoe Base 1/4-20UNC Head + Stick Arm XS-T x 3
(*1) After using, make sure to rinse the product in freshwater to dissolve salt deposit and apply grease according to respective user manuals.

Connecting Carbon Telescopic Arms fitted with Reinforce Rings to UW Tripod Hub can hold heavier camera system.


UW Tripod Hub features

Designed to attach "Carbon Telescopic Arm SS/S/M/L" or "Stick Arm XS-T/SS-T/S-T/M-T" as tripod legs.

Example set-ups with "Carbon Telescopic Arm SS", "Carbon Telescopic Arm S", "Carbon Telescopic Arm M" and "Carbon Telescopic Arm L" (from the left)

Example set-ups with "Stick Arm XS-T", "Stick Arm SS-T" and "Stick Arm S-T" (from the left)
Bundled ferrule offers two different styles depending on the application.

Left: Rubber ferrule    Right: Spike ferrule

Left: Application using rubber ferrules    Right: Enlarged image of rubber ferrule
The UW Tripod Hub is equipped with 1/4 tripod screw to add "UW Panhead" or head part from a variety of Shoe Base products (*2). Usable as a simple tripod by attaching underwater housing directly.

Example set-ups with "UW 3-Way Panhead", "Shoe Base 1/4-20UNC Head", "Shoe Base M6 Head", "Shoe Base BALL Head" and "underwater housing" (from the left)
(*2) Compatible Shoe Base products are "Shoe Base 1/4-20UNC", "Shoe Base M6" and "Shoe Base BALL" as their head part can be separated. Those head parts are available in the market as below.
    •Shoe Base 1/4-20UNC Head
    •Shoe Base M6 Head
    •Shoe Base BALL Head
The UW Tripod Hub offers three opening angles; [high], [middle] and [low].
Friction when opening/closing legs can be adjusted by tightening/loosening fixing bolts on joints.
It is possible to add extra Lower Elevator on the packaged Lower Elevator to add 145mm/5.7in. in height.
There are several options to enhance the stability of the tripod system including hanging a dive weight from the strap hole or jointing a dive weight by using a ball-joint on a tripod leg besides using a stone bag.

Left: An 1 kg dive weight is hung by a lanyard.
Right: An 1 kg dive weight is attached on the edge of the leg part by "Weight Plate Screw", "Direct Base III" and "Clamp III".

Left: 3 x 2 kg dive weights are attached on tripod legs (configuration overview)
Right: 3 x 2 kg dive weights are attached on tripod legs (tripod legs)


In the box:

  • Tripod Hub
  • Lower elevator
  • 3x 2-Way Ferrule
  • Allen Wrench (2.5mm, 4mm, 3/16mm)
  • Grease
  • User Manual
  • Reinforcing Ring Set