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Inon UW 3-Way Panhead

SKU # ino.456212143869


Underwater Tripod System

Having UW Tripod Hub as a fundamental part, this newly designed underwater tripod system offers wide variety of configurations of pan-head parts and tripod legs.
In addition to use on land and in freshwater, whole system is usable in saltwater thanks to specially selected material, surface finishing and assembling method. (*1)

Left: UW Tripod Hub + UW 3-Way Panhead + Carbon Telescopic Arm M x 3
Right: UW Tripod Hub + Shoe Base 1/4-20UNC Head + Stick Arm XS-T x 3
(*1) After using, make sure to rinse the product in fresh water to dissolve salt deposit and apply grease according to respective user manuals.


UW 3-Way Panhead Features

Specifically designed for the UW Tripod Hub equipped with large handles to offer comfortable yet précised adjustment of combined camera position.

When transporting, two handles can be jointed as per below image.

Using Bundled "Panhead Adapter Base" supports secure and reliable underwater housing installation.

In the box:

  • 3-Way Panhead w/ Handles
  • Panhead Adapter Base
  • M6 Washer
  • 1/4" Cap Screws(S)
  • 1/4" Cap Screws(L)
  • Allen Warench 2mm
  • User Manual