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Inon UCL-165LD Close-up Lens

Inon UCL-165LD Close-up Lens

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Inon UCL-165LD Close-up Lens

Product features

  • The UCL-165LD makes minimum shooting distance short both on land/underwater enabling to get closer to a subject for close-up/macro imaging
  • 2 elements in 2 groups lens construction effectively suppress aberrations comparing to single biconvex lens.
  • Newly developed lockable INON '28LD Mount' compatible. Easy, fast yet reliable installation on 28LD Mount Bases.
  • The lens barrel has joint screw mount on its front side to hold another INON M67 series close-up lens for super macro imaging.

Product specifications

  • Outer diameter 75.2mm (3.0in.)
  • Length 21.9mm (0.9in.)
  • Mount system INON 28LD Mount
  • Weight Air: 133g (4.7oz) U/W: approx.72g (2.5oz)
  • Depth rating 60m (196.9ft)
  • Material Corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy
  • Glass / Coating Optical glass / both side anti-reflection coating
  • Lens construction 2 groups 2 elements
  • Focal length Underwater: 165mm  - In Air:  135.4mm