Inon Shoe Base II

Inon Shoe Base II

SKU # ino.4562121438705


This product is installed directly onto an accessory shoe of an underwater housing or used with INON Shoe Base spacer products. 

The upper part rotates 360 degrees supporting sensitive aiming of combined lighting devices. Enlarged and redesigned Fixing Dial helps with easy and secure installation with less power. Newly employed rubber sheet on the contact surface with an accessory shoe of an underwater housing can dramatically enhance secure installation without rattling. 

Optional Accessory Shoe Spacer for Canon is required when using this product on an accessory shoe of Canon underwater housing.

This product is designed and intend to be used for simple and compact system like installing strobe/LED flashlight/action camera on an underwater housing. DO NOT put heavy gear on this product or combine too much gears with this product as excessive load can cause combined system to fall down resulting in personal injury or damage/malfunction of combined products.