Inon Optical D Slave Cable III (L Type) for S-2000

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Inon Optical D Slave Cable III for S-2000

This product has been discontinued

For S-2000 Strobes.

This optical slave cable connects S-2000 strobes as the master to another Inon strobe.  The slave end of this cable is a standard Inon optical connector.

Instructions for installing the Inon Optical D Slave Cable III on Inon S-2000 strobes.

Unscrew the silver and black knurled nuts a few turns, but do not remove them.  Insert the cable holder into the receptacle at the front of the S-2000.

Use one finger to hold the light pick-up tube still while using the other to snugly tighten the silver knurled nut.  It only needs to be snug, do not over tighten.

The adapter with light pick-up tube in place.  The black nut is not yet tightened.

Gently, slowly, insert the plain end of the fiber optic cable into one of the two holes in the rubber bushing and light pick-up tube.  Push the cable in until you can see it go past the observation hole in the light pick-up tube.  Continue pushing gently until you feel the fiber optic cable reach the end of the light pick-up tube.  Now finger tighten the black nut, which will compress the rubber bushing so that the fiber optic cable is secured.

Next connect the other end of the fiber optic cable to the second Inon strobe and take more great underwater photographs.