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Inon Optical D Slave Cable II (L Type)

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Inon Optical D Slave Cable II (L Type)

Inon Optical D Slave Cable II for Type 3  and Type 4 Strobes.  The other end of the included cable connects to Inon strobes.

This cable set can be used with a diffuser.  These informative photographs show installation without a diffuser.  Detailed instructions are included with the Fiber Optic Slave Cable set.

This bracket mounts to the strobe with the thumbscrew at the top of the photograph.  The fiber optic cable slides into the fitting (lower left of this image).

In this photograph, the bracket is upside down.  You can see the mounting screw at the middle left of the bracket, which will screw into the mounting socket on the strobe (just to the left of the mounting screw in this photograph).

Install the bracket onto the master strobe.