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Inon M67 Lens Adaptor Base for Panasonic MCTZ20

Inon M67 Lens Adaptor Base for Panasonic MCTZ20

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M67 Lens Adaptor Base for Panasonic MCTZ20

Lens adaptor base for Panasonic DMW-MCTZ20 underwater housing. 

As provided by Panasonic, the housing is not compatible with external 67mm lenses.  The M67 Lens Adaptor Base provides a secure method to attach 67mm mount close-up lenses such as the UCL-165. 

The base plate of this adaptor is designed to closely and securely fit the bottom of the DMW-MCTZ20 underwater housing. This lens adaptor is compatible with installation of the Inon D4 Grip Base and arm which will provide a stable platform for your focus light or strobe.

Wide angle lenses should not be used with this adaptor.

With the adaptor installed, even without a close up lens mounted, there will be vignetting when camera is zoomed fully wide.  Zoom towards telephoto just a little to avoid vignetting. 

The camera and housing are not included, but are shown for illustrative purposes.