Inon LF1300-EW 1300 Lumen Dive Light

Inon LF1300-EW 1300 Lumen Dive Light

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Inon LF1300-EWf has a automatic flash-off feature.  The AFO function  will sense the light from your strobe and instantly turn off for 0.2 second.  This eliminates the possibility of the dive light affecting the illumination of your scene when used as a focus light.  The AFO function is easily activated or deactivated.

A Dome Red Filter for the light is included.  Red light will not affect your night vision.  Many types of marine life can not see red light at all, and thus, will not be bothered by the light.


The light shade and red filter are included and may be easily installed or removed.

The LF1300-EW runs on 3 x AA batteries providing maximum 1300 lumen beam with 100 degree coverage from its handheld compact body.

In air, the LF1300-EW light may only be at low power setting.  High power setting may only be used underwater.

  • Use 3 AA NiMH battery
  • 1300 lumen at full power setting
  • 350 lumen at low power setting
  • color temperature is 5,000 K
  • underwater beam angle 100 degrees
  • burn time is 45 minutes at full power
  • burn time is 220 minutes at low power

Burn time is defined as the average time until the light output decreases to one-half power.

Inon LF1300-EWf
  • Weight 268g (9.5 ounce)
  • Depth Rating 70m (230 feet)
  • Dimensions: 52.1mm diameter x 129mm length (2.1 inch x 5.1 inch)
  • Use 3 size AA NiMH battery