Inon Grip Base D5 for Camera Housings

SKU # ino.456212143953


The Grip Base D5 comprises the D5 Base and D5 Holder, which can be adjusted to accommodate housings for cameras ranging from compacts to DSLRs. Add a second D5 Holder to create a double handle tray. The new accessories replace the current Grip Base D4, Grip Base M1, and D Holder. The new M6 Base Tripod Screw Set allows Inon’s Mount Base, Lens Adapter Base or Video Base to be attached. Die-cast aluminum alloy is used for the metal components, with rubber for the grip. A variety of adapters can be attached to the top of the grip for mounting strobes or continuous lights.


  • Totally redesigned Grip Base D5 is a simple yet durable and broad versatility to support stable placement of the camera system and the top end of its grip accepts a wide range of INON adapters to connect strobe/LED torch.
  • Two tripod screws firmly attach D5 Base on the bottom of the housing.
  • The rubber grip is easy to hold and grippy.
  • The handle can be adjustable with 4 cm/1.6” movable range to use for compact through DSLR housing.
  • Made of aluminum alloy die-cast and multilayer rib structure design dramatically strength bend resistance and miniaturize at 20% compared to the previous model.
  • Handle top can hold a wide variety of adapters.
  • The D5 Base can have optional adapters to use as a simple solution for an underwater tripod.
  • Optional M6 Base Tripod Screw Set is required to use together with an INON Mount Base, Lens Adapter Base or Video Base.

*The discontinued D Holder is not compatible with the Grip Base D5.