Inon \"AD\" Bayonet Mount Lens Holder

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Inon AD Mount Lens Holder

The Inon AD Mount Lens Caddy provides a place to store your wet mountable AD mount lenses securely and conveniently when not in use. It allows you to quickly switch between wide-angle and close-up lenses for more shooting flexibility without fumbling around trying to get your lens into or out of a BC pocket.

The caddy comes with two lens mounting rings, and the hardware to attach them to a strobe arm (ULCS or INON), or the INON Grip Handle. Fully compatible with the UWL-105AD Wide Angle Lens, the UFL-165AD Fisheye Lens , and the UCL-165AD Closeup Lens lenses.

The caddy also comes with a single mount hardware kit if you only want to mount one side of the caddy.

For 67MM mount lenses, use either the 67mm Single Lens Caddy or the 67mm Double Lens Caddy.